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1841 Hexapla New Testament

What is the Hexapla "Parallel Bible"?

The English "Hexapla" is the greatest parallel-column printing of the scriptures ever published.  Unlike "Parallel Bibles" published today, which offer the King James Version along-side a few of the modern English translations like the "N.I.V." or "N.A.S.B."; the Hexapla was published in 1841, and contains the original 1611 King James Version in parallel column format along-side the five great English translation which were published BEFORE the King James Version (not after it).  You get all the major translations of the scripture from 1380 through 1611.  While original printings of the Hexapla Parallel cost thousands of dollars; high-quality reproductions are available for closer to a couple hundred dollars.  Often referred to as a "Parallel Bible", the Hexapla is actually a "Parallel New Testament".  This wonderful resource of textual comparison is something that no Christian's library should be without.  It is a "Bible collection in one volume".  


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